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Streaming Services


Planning is everything!  Live events go best when the webcast is integrated into the project as early as possible, as part of the planning process.  At Webcast Producers, we carefully review your specific needs and goals for each project and offer options based on the requirements of your event and cost considerations.


We offer solutions for two types of webcasting which can be configured as multi-camera productions with full AV support or as basic, single camera productions with minimal AV support.


► On location, we can serve as your liaison with the venue or in-house AV companies at hotels or convention centers to make sure that your AV needs are met.  


► We offer complete packages with state-of-the-art broadcast quality production gear and experienced crews. If you already have production gear or crews in place, we provide an on-site Webcast producer and streaming technician with our state-of-the-art streaming equipment package.

► We stream to our secure servers and can create a branded landing page for your viewers, or embed the Webcast into your website. 

► We offer the capability for rebroadcasting your event or video-on-demand playback at a later date. 


► Webcast Producers also provides post-event analytics, so you can evaluate the success of your event and use what is learned for future events.


► With Webcast Producers as part of your team, you will have a successful and stress-free live event. 

► Another option for live streaming your event is Do-It-Yourself Webcasting. There are now services and apps to help you accomplish this. 


► Although it may be a good choice for those with limited budgets, Do-It-Yourself Webcasting is exactly what it says. You do everything, from the pre-production planning and selecting equipment and crews to the actual streaming and all follow-up activities yourself. 

► If you have a good IT department and your organization has invested in AV Equipment, this could be a cost saving option for you, especially if you plan to do Webcasting on a regular basis.

► We offer support for “Do-It-Yourself” webcasting projects in the form consulting and will assign a producer to work with your team on any aspects where you may need a helping hand. We can also provide a streaming engineer on site to do the actual streaming. 

► Technical support is minimal. If your organization has enough people to dedicate individuals to handle these tasks and has the resources at hand, then Do-It-Yourself Webcasting might be a good option.  

► If your project is an enterprise level, a high profile live event where the stakes are high, our Managed Webcasting Services allow you to focus on the presentation portions of the event while we handle all the production and delivery details. 


► We provide support in pre-production planning, pre-event marketing, and assistance with the online attendee registration process. We conduct location surveys and provide the right equipment options and expert crews for the on-location portion of the event.


► Our expertise and professionalism free up your staff resources and reduce the complexity of your live event.


► There are some limitations but it is an option for certain situations and is also cost-effective. We offer consulting or technical support to those who wish to do more than just the basics on these delivery platforms.


► We can also offer assistance in setting up your social media channels or pages or supply a producer and/or crew on site to work with you on your webcast.


► In some cases, Social Media Webcasting is another alternative. If you already have a company or organization Facebook page or Youtube channel, you can stream directly to your social media account.

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