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Stream Your Conferences and Seminars!

The COVID-19 pandemic delivered a devastating blow to the Live Event Industry. Meetings and conventions, sporting events, concerts and more have either been canceled or postponed indefinitely with financial losses totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. Now is the time for business leaders, association executives, meeting planners and other

decision-makers to adapt and make the changes that are necessary to survive and even thrive during this crisis and afterward. Make Webcast Producers part of your event communications solution with reliable, efficient, and secure broadcast-quality webcasts.

During this trying time, we have seen the rise in communications platforms such as Webex, Zoom, and Skype as a way for businesses to expand telecommuting opportunities to include more group meetings while large portions of the workforce are working from home. In the education community, on-line education is providing colleges, universities and

the K-12 school systems a way to deliver continuing education and credit classes to students of all ages while they shelter in place at home. The number of businesses and associations offering continuing education credits by streaming online workshops and seminars is growing.

At Webcast Producers, we are here to help, and the time to start planning is now. If you have questions about video streaming technologies, budgeting, scheduling, and/or strategies that can be implemented for your specific needs, reach out and contact a producer today!

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