custom web portals

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‘Portal / por-tal / noun.

A doorway, gate, or other entrance, especially a large and elaborate one. 

Web portals serve as Internet gateways or main entry points (Cyber Doors) that provide secure access to specific, personalized content for your business or organization.          


Whether your goal is to inform, to educate, to motivate, or to entertain, working with one of our Web Portal Development Teams  helps you facilitate achieving your  live event objectives.


We design and build unique environments with the unparalleled flexibility to customize your content’s presentation by providing a consistent look and feel, which makes navigation easy and enjoyable for your on-line viewers.  


Our portals support PowerPoint and video playback applications. We also offer interactive options including chat, audience polling and social media integration.


Our Custom Web Portals are designed to provide maximum security for proprietary content.


We host your content on secure servers and limit access to authorized users.  Features like unique single sign in, allow you to control whether access is restricted to employees and members or made available to the public.


We distribute the content to diverse audiences on multiple platforms such as personal computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones by providing a single point of access for all these technologies.


Monetization can help lower the overall cost for your organizations live event, and in some cases can even be profitable.  Webcast Producers Custom Web Portals can be configured to offer sponsorship opportunities. We also provide pay per view options.


Our support doesn’t end when your event is over.  We offer post event analytics. You can track your viewer statistics and measure your events success.  This is invaluable, especially if you use this information to enhance the success of your future on-line projects.

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