Consulting Services

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Webcast Producers offers consulting in areas both directly and indirectly related to live video streaming. Although our primary focus is webcasting, our television broadcast experience is extensive. Consider taking advantage of what else we have to offer.  


► By hiring a Webcast Producers consulting producer, your organization has access to deeper levels of expertise than it would be financially feasible to retain in-house on a long-term basis.


 Furthermore, you can control your expenditures by purchasing only as much of our consulting services as needed. In some cases the consulting fees can be credited to your account, should you contract Webcast Producers to provide Webcasting services.


► The margin for error is small when staging a live streaming event. Proper planning can mean the difference between success and failure. The services listed below are available to you on an as-needed basis.



     Pre-Event Marketing Assistance

     Custom Logo Design


    Site Surveys

    ► Audio Visual Needs Assessment

    ► Media Training

    ► Video Production Training



    ► Production Crews (Staffing)

    ► Production Equipment Rentals

    ► Project Management


     ► Post Event Analysis

     ► Video Editing and Duplication

      ► Video On Demand Playback



      ► Video Production Facility Design

      ► Instructional Design

          (For On-Line Learning Courses)

      ► Social Media Channel Design